St. Therese’s “Empty Hands”

“Empty Hands”

I come before you
with empty hands…
all the secret store of grace
I fling into needy hearts,
crying in the bitter night
of fear and loneliness…..
Spendthrift of your Love
I keep before me
your empty Hands –
empty and riven
with the great nails
hollowing out
rivers of mercy…..
until all your substance
was poured out…..
So, I, my Jesus,
with hands emptied
for your love
stand confident
before your Cross,
love’s crimson emblem.
It is the empty
who are filled:
those who have made
themselves spendthrifts
for You alone,
fill the least
of your brethren
while they themselves
are nourished by your Love…
more and more emptied
that they may be filled
with You.

– St. Therese


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