Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity’s “To Be the Mystical Bride of Christ”

“To Be the Mystical Bride of Christ

To be the bride of Christ!
I must live all that this name implies of love given and received, of intimacy, of fidelity, of absolute devotion!

To be a bride means to be given as He gave Himself; it means to be sacrificed as He was, by Him, for Him…It is Christ making Himself all ours and we becoming “all His!”

To be a bride means to have all rights over His Heart… It is a heart-to-heart exchange for a whole lifetime…

It is to live with…always with…It means to rest from everything in Him, and to allow Him to rest from everything in our soul!

It means to know nothing else than to love, to love while adoring, to love while making reparation, to love while praying, while asking, while forgetting oneself; to love always in every way!

To be a bride means to have eyes only for Him, our thoughts haunted by Him, our heart wholly taken over, wholly possessed, as if it has passed out of itself and into Him; our soul filled with His Soul, filled with His prayer, our whole being captivated and given.

It means, by keeping our gaze always fixed on Him, to discover His least sign, His least desire; it means to enter into all His joys, to share all His sadness.

It means to be fruitful, a co-redeemer to bring souls to birth in grace, to multiply the adopted children of the Father, the redeemed of Christ, the co-heirs of His glory.

“To be a bride,” a bride of Carmel, means to have the flaming heart of Elijah, the transpierced heart of Teresa, His “true bride” because she was zealous for His honor.

Finally, to be taken as bride, as mystical bride, means to have ravished His Heart to the extent, that, forgetting all distance, the Word pours Himself out in the soul as in the bosom of the Father with the same ecstasy of infinite Love! It is the Father, the Word and the Spirit possessing the soul, deifying it, consuming it in the One by love.

— Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, Carmelite


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