9 Day Rosary Novena to St. Maravillas of Jesus, Carmelite


Her Feast day, December 11th

(This was translated from a Spanish Carmelite monastery site so some of the wording may seem strange.  I tried to keep what was St. Maravillas’ words, but the main idea came through pretty much!)

9 day Novena has brought numerous benefits and miracles obtained with it.

 How to recite:

0 Pray the Act of Contrition, start Rosary

0 Recite 3 decades of the Rosary, pause then,

0 Think of the petitions for which we pray for and end with, “Holy St. Maravillas of Jesus, pray for us.”

0 Say the Reflection of the day (under each Day)

0 Complete the last 2 decades of the rosary

0 Pray the Prayers to St. Maravillas of Jesus and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel that is at the end


 Let us pray on this day, always to have full confidence in the presence of God, in His infinite mercy and his sweet heart.

 Reflection: “Do not worry about anything, leave everything in the Heart of Jesus, do things only to please Him, so rest assured, whatever the outcome.” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


Let us pray on this day to love the Lord with our whole being and find in each person who shares life with us.

 Reflection: “I do not want to know anything but the love of the Lord. In deep silence that makes the whole soul feel penetrated so wonderfully immersed in His greatness, His infinite love and mercy. How small, how nothing is seen the world and how foolish all the struggles and desires in it!” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


 Let us pray on this day, always have full confidence in Divine Providence of our Lord Jesus Christ, the gift of life, a gift of love.

 Reflection: “How reassuring to think that we are in the hands of God, who loves us with infinite love and that He cares, protects and provides everything for your highest good!” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


 Let us pray on this day not understanding but accepting the will of God. He knows what our needs really are.

 Reflection: “The important thing is to always trust in God, whatever you do, though we seem to not be good that we experience, so be very quiet and devote yourself to loving Him and do His will in large and small things and forget yourself.” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


Let us pray on this day to have a humble heart and to find God in the small things of life and in every little act of kindness.

 Reflection: “How small it seems that everything in life when seen in the true light and how all that matters is for us to do His will and that we fully accomplish the will of our God.” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


Let us pray on this day, always have our unwavering faith, especially in our difficult moments of great trials.

Reflection: “If God gave us to choose something but could not tell you what, we should prefer what He wants, He who knows what we need and what is more pleasing to Him, as we know nothing.” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


Ask in this day and rely on God completely abandon Him, carrying our cross and following him.

 Reflection: “How easy it is to serve and please God as one forgets a little bit of himself and does not guide his life, but leave it in God’s hands!” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


Let us pray on this day to have a simple heart as children and that we are as true brothers in Christ.

Reflection: “I abandon myself into His arms completely and know that I will be safe, with peace and joy…God is holding the reins of my life and I am happy that He has them and takes me everywhere.” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


 Let us pray on this day to be charitable to the needs of our brothers doing for others what we want to do for us.

 Reflection: “Not to complicate our holiness and is very simple: just leeave yourself confidently and lovingly in the arms of God, wanting and doing at the moment what you think He wills. Sure it costs but it is a very good thing for us to prove our poor love.” Mother Maravillas of Jesus


O Jesus Christ, you commanded us to learn from your meek and humble heart. I thank you for having glorified in the Church your humble servant, St. Maravillas of Jesus. You’ve given her a great award in heaven for her fidelity to You on earth. May the example of her virtues awaken in many souls the desire to follow the Way, the Truth and the Life that You alone are. Now deign to grant me through her intercession all the favors and petitions I ask for.  Amen. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.


 Sweet Virgin Mary, Queen and Beauty of Carmel, loving protector of all who wear your Scapular, teach us to imitate the virtues of your Divine Child and through the intercession of your daughter and servant, St. Maravillas of Jesus, who continued the work of St. Teresa, grant me my requests and the grace to always fulfill His Most Holy Will with our motto of the Discalced Carmelites by St. Maravillas: “What God wills… As God wills…When God wills…”


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