Part 2: EBAY – I am selling items for raise money for my transportation expenses to Carmel


(Praying to be on one soon to Carmel in Sheffield, England!)

Added since Part 1:  I changed the amount needed on the top right of this blog, I had forgot to do that before.  There is a good chance I would need less but as we get closer to summer, the air fares go up exponentially.

Besides my impending entrance date of early May my Carmel and I was planning on, it is now an emergency as where I am I really can’t stay for much longer as I am costing the family members more money than I can put towards my stay as they are retired.

Some have suggested I try known places like the Laboure Foundation and others like it.  They are good foundations that help people with debt to pay it off for vocations but they only help people with student loans and there are just as many or more men and women with vocations who do NOT have student loan debt but “life” or other debt that there is no help for.  I was told to try places like local Knights of Columbus – which I tried a few in the area but they don’t do this either I was told.  I am still trying all I can and this is just another way.

I had put off posting the last post like this and especially this one as it is very pride crushing to do so – asking for money, help after always being independent my whole life.  While it is very hard to do this, it is good practice for the religious life as pride and doing what is so hard and what goes against your grain is a biggie as a nun.  God smashes the pride of His servants – He expects US to smash our own pride as He did the same suffering and dying the way He did during the scourging and the crucifixion.

I have an email from my Mother Prioress to forward to anyone interested in helping.  I was all ready to go to Carmel: I sold my house, sold my car, sold or gave away all my belongings and ONLY keeping what is in my suitcase needed as a postulant in Carmel and very few clothes to be worn here now and then got hit with the skin cancer surgery.

Where I am now with family, I have no transportation to look for, go to or keep a job and am barely making enough money from Ebay sales to pay my way here, never mind saving for these expenses and as I wrote above, my time here is going to be limited.

God bless and thanks to all who read this.

Part 1:  I am selling many items on Ebay (and add more items very often) for raise money for my transportation expenses to Carmel.  Several months ago I had skin cancer removal surgery on my left shoulder – very strange as I am NEVER in the, never suffered sun burn to this shoulder, etc.  I stay out of the sun here in Texas as it is brutal – other than very short forays that don’t last long and my shoulders are covered by t-shirts, etc. but I am obviously the rare one who DIDN’T get this form of cancer that usually is only the result of direct and prolonged sunlight!  Figures.

At any rate, being uninsured and laid off, I had to use what money I had saved for travel fees to pay for the medical bills (along with some family members help they could give).  So I am slowly trying to build up my travel account again so I can finally LEAVE for Carmel!

I have NO problem emailing any one who asks that donates my confirmation email from the airlines or have the Mother Prioress from this monastery send confirmation that they are eagerly awaiting my arrive to enter with them.

Please stop buy, bid and win to help me out plus get some great things!  I have books related to Carmel, the Franciscan and Visitation order plus other catholic books and other items.

On ebay, my member name is “carmel-bound”.  This link MAY bring you to my page that lists my items – I hope! :

Thanks for looking or any buyers I may get!



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3 responses to “Part 2: EBAY – I am selling items for raise money for my transportation expenses to Carmel

  1. Because I’m a lay Carmelite I have to keep praying for you

  2. baptistestscroix

    Thank you for your forwarded email from the Prioress but as it had a different email address than the one on their website, I have written directly to them to confirm what you have said, and to ask why, after all these years, they don’t just pay your airfare there. I have known many convents to do this for sincere applicants who have had difficulties. If I get confirmation from her, I will come back and post it in a comment to reassure others, but I am always skeptical of things like this that drag on for years and only seem to provide a source of income for the owner of the website. If you are genuine, you will welcome this opportunity to be validated.

    • Thank you for your email. The nuns have a general address on their website and then a private one for the Mother Prioress that she uses for people like me (discerners/future postulants) and this is the same with many monasteries I have corresponded to over the years so nothing strange there.

      The nuns have helped me out greatly via a friend of their’s and I couldn’t ask for more. Many monasteries do not have such money available to them as many don’t have a lot of financial help from benefactors – some do, some don’t. Monasteries are not sitting on a lot of money – most have to take a lot of time and effort to raise funds for a new roof or some other expensive repair or event and few have extra money to spend elsewhere despite applicants being sincere.

      When and where an person enters an order is up to God and His time table not ours. God has sent myself – and others, besides saints in the past – trials, delays and more before entering. Not everyone enters an order right away with no delays or problems.

      It is good to be sceptical and I understand fully and I do welcome the opportunity to be validated. My only concern is that the Mother Prioress not get an influx of emails! I pray your’s will be sufficient for anyone else wondering as, despite most people’s perception of nuns and sisters, they do not do nothing all day and don’t float around the garden on clouds the day long either! They are quite busy with things from morning to night that are outside the realm of their honorium (daily schedule of 7 Divine Offices, daily mass, 2 hrs of mental prayer, a recreation hour and work hours) so a barrage of emails would not be kind to them.

      God bless you for your interest.

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