EBAY – I am selling items for raise money for my transportation expenses to Carmel


(Praying to be on one soon to Carmel in Sheffield, England!)

I am selling many items on Ebay for raise money for my transportation expenses to Carmel.  Several months ago I had skin cancer removal surgery on my left shoulder – very strange as I am NEVER in the, never suffered sun burn to this shoulder, etc.  I stay out of the sun here in Texas as it is brutal – other than very short forays that don’t last long and my shoulders are covered by t-shirts, etc. but I am obviously the rare one who DIDN’T get this form of cancer that usually is only the result of direct and prolonged sunlight!  Figures.

At any rate, being uninsured and laid off, I had to use what money I had saved for travel fees to pay for the medical bills (along with some family members help they could give).  So I am slowly trying to build up my travel account again so I can finally LEAVE for Carmel!

I have NO problem emailing any one who asks that donates my confirmation email from the airlines or have the Mother Prioress from this monastery send confirmation that they are eagerly awaiting my arrive to enter with them.

Please stop buy, bid and win to help me out plus get some great things!  I have books related to Carmel, the Franciscan and Visitation order plus other catholic books and other items.

On ebay, my member name is “carmel-bound”.  This link MAY bring you to my page that lists my items – I hope! : http://www.ebay.com/sch/carmel-bound/m.html?item=321365161222&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

Thanks for looking or any buyers I may get!


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One response to “EBAY – I am selling items for raise money for my transportation expenses to Carmel

  1. baptistestscroix

    It’s good of you to offer confirmation because, after all, you have had a blog for 2 years and yet still have not entered, so perhaps you could ask the Prioress to email me with a reassurance that you are not just scamming sincere but gullible people into giving you money? Thank you. If you are sincere, I wish you all the best, but as we all know, not everything on the Internet is genuine. baptistestcroix@gmail.com

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