Accepting humiliations key to developing humility

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I don’t know about you, but being humiliated is about the most painful thing I can experience, at least emotionally.  But Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen argues persuasively in Divine Intimacy that acceptance of humiliations is very necessary for growth in true humility, the virtue that underlies charity and all the others.  Can we learn to accept humiliations not only passively, but with a thankful heart?  See what you think after reading the below:

Many souls would like to be humble, but few desire humiliation; many ask God to make them humble and fervently pray for this, but very few want to be humiliated.  Yet it is impossible to gain humility without humiliations; for just as studying is the way to acquire knowledge, so it is by the way of humiliation that we attain to humility.

As long as we only desire this virtue of humility, but are not…

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