Humility the basis of the spiritual life

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One of my goals during Lent was to try to make the blog less topical and less scandal-oriented, and to focus on what I hope are non-controversial aspects of the practice of the interior life.  I know I have not succeeded terribly well in that goal, the whole Fisher-More thing blew up and there have been other deviations into matters of scandal.  But the great DivineOffice-Magnificat1thing about Lent is that we have 6 weeks to try, try again.  I may fly off the handle this afternoon, but for now, even as I watch my traffic plummet, I’ll try to stick to material that I hope holds unassailable benefit for souls.

I plan – God willing – on doing a series of posts from Divine Intimacy on the great virtue of humility this week. Humility is not something that happens accidentally, or comes from a solitary conversion experience (save for a…

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