A Lenten Endeavor for men – Tabernacle Watch Society

Great post on St. Therese’s father and her Uncle Isidore Guerin.

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Over 100 years ago, in still-Catholic France, Blessed Louis Martin (father of the Saint and Doctor of the Church  Therese of Lisieux) and his brother-in-law Isidore Guerin participated in a perpetual tabernacle watch society at their local parish in Lisieux, Normandy.  At that time and place, this was a popular if challenging activity.  If I remember my history right, Martin and Guerin volunteered for undesirable middle of the night “shifts” at least weekly, if not much more frequently.

The idea, of course, was the Our Blessed Lord would never be alone in the Tabernacle.  A particular piety developed in France regarding the lonely, forgotten Christ in the Tabernacle, and faithful souls took it upon themselves to accompany Jesus in the tabernacle, while adoring, offering prayers, meditating, etc, during their period of watch.  You can find a number of prayer cards from France expressing that piety.  They are very sweet…

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