Suggestions for Lenten mortifications, from me and a great priest

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Some commenters asked last week for suggestions for Lenten mortifications.  I had been waiting for this past Sunday’s sermon to go up on Audio Sancto to tie in with that, and low and behold, after I had already finished this post I went by Audio Sancto and it has been uploaded!  Thank you, Lord!

This sermon provides wonderful guidance for how to practice mortification during Lent.  Please listen:

I do want to echo what the priest says – Lent is not about undergoing some suffering just to punish ourselves, even in union with Christ’s suffering on the Cross.  Lenten mortification must have a much higher purpose, that being our personal conversion into a life of sanctity.  Thus, these Lenten sacrifices must be engaged in not with a downtrodden spirit, or with many complaints over what you’re suffering.  In fact, if you do that, you will get little if…

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