Good Fr. Carota on mortification

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You should check out Fr. Peter Carota’s blog regularly.  He frequently has many gems.

Below are excerpts from his recent post on mortification.

Hardly anyone today believes in sacrifices or mortification to be able to do God’s will and obtain His gift of Heaven.  The concept of denying oneself of pleasures is a repulsive thought to our instant gratification culture.  Yet when you read any one of the lives of the saints, you see they did all sorts of sacrifices and mortifications.  Many would do what is called “the discipline”, which comprised of whipping themselves.IMG_2509-1

In our self-indulgent society, that seems repulsive.  I have read many Catholic books and magazine articles, where the modern authors have judged these saints as being psychotic and masochistic.[Even many traditional priests seem very leery of this.  They generally counsel not to take the discipline, even though it was once a very wide…

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