First Sunday of Advent – Veni, Veni, Emmanuel!

advent candle

“I wish to prepare for Your coming

with the burning desires of the prophets and the just

who in the Old Testament sighed after You,

the one Savior and Redeemer. . . . .

O Lord, send Him whom You are going to send. . . . .

As you have promised, come and deliver us!

 I want to keep Advent in my soul, that is,

a continual longing and waiting for this great Mystery wherein You,

O Word, become flesh to show me

the abyss of Your redeeming, sanctifying mercy.

 O sweetest Jesus, You come to me with Your infinite love

and the abundance of Your grace;

You desire to engulf my soul in torrents of mercy

and charity in order to draw it to You.”

“Come, O Lord, come! I, too, wish to run to You with love,

but alas! my love is so limited, weak, and imperfect!

Make it strong and generous; enable me to overcome myself,  

so that I can give myself entirely to You.”

– from “Divine Intimacy” – Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene, O.C.D.


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