Wisdom of St. Teresa of Avila

St t of a statue in Carmel of Parnell MI

“If it’s true, Lord, that you want to endure everything for me, what is this that I suffer for you? Of what am I complaining? I am already ashamed, since I have seen you in such a condition.  I desire to suffer, Lord, all the trials that come to me and esteem them as a great good enabling me to imitate You in something.”

 “It is the queen who gives the king most trouble in this chess-game and all the other pieces support her. There is no queen who can beat this King as well as humility can; for humility brought him down from heaven into the Virgin’s womb, and with humility we can draw him into our souls by a single hair. Be sure that he will give most to him who has most already, and least to him who has least.”


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