Wisdom of Pere Jacques, Carmelite Priest and Martyr

pere jacques


“Prayer which is so intense at certain moments continues always, everywhere.  This prayer always continues in the depths of the soul, as one who walks in flat open country notices fields in the immediate foreground without raising his eyes to the horizon, but is aware of it even though he is not looking at it.  For the soul throughout the day there is a supernatural and divine horizon which encompasses all the actions and works which it undertakes.”

“The soul savors the exquisite joy of loving God, it savors above all the love that God pours into it.  It savors the contact with God because the soul touches God in prayer.  And at the same time it suffers because here below the soul can gather up only crumbs, and the soul has an absolute, infinite hunger for all of God.”

“Mary prayed in silence. And it was in the silence of this prayer that Mary heard the voice of the angel.  She would not have heard it had she not been silent.  All the silence of prayer is necessary to hear and recognize the voice of God, the call of God, the desire of God in a soul.”

“Only love has value.  What God seeks in us is not the quantity of material works, but a hymn of love that rises from the bottom of the heart, composed of strophes of contemplation or action, it matters little which, provided that it is a melody of love.  The saints have never attached importance to what their hands do; they did what they had to do but they did it for love.”


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