For Today’s Feast of St. Therese – “St. Therese, The Artist”

Here is a tribute to Saint Thérèse, a Gallery to show a small portion of her work.

In 1892 Thérèse, although she still had the responsibility of the Novices, was given the duty of painting, which was to replace her work in the sacristy.  From June of this year right up until her death in 1897, Thérèse’s creativity blossomed, as she began to express herself more and more in her community life, not only through her painting but also through her poetry and the writing of plays, her most famous being the production of ‘Joan of Arc’, which she performed on January 21, 1895.


Above, Saint Therese as St. Joan of Arc. Therese is wearing a black wig over her toque (the white linen cloth Carmelites wear on their heads) and paper fleurs-de-lys sewn on her habit

Therese at recreation holding her paint palette and brushes and was painting the statue of the Child Jesus that is in front of her.Therese-at-recreation-holding-her-paint-palette-and-brushes.


A painting Therese finished in 1892 and gave to Celine. It was modelled on a similar painting in her cell.


A pall made by St Therese for Father Roulland’s Ordination


An oil painting done by Therese which she gave to Mother Agnes for her Feast Day 1894


Detail of a picture by Therese a few months after her entrance into Carmel 1888


Drawing by Therese of the farmhouse at Saint-Ouen


In 1893 Therese painted a fresco on the wall of an Oratory.


Oyster shell painted by Saint Therese


Pages of a Missal illuminated by Therese



Picture and detail of a card painted by St. Therese in Carmel


Picture Therese illumined of St John of the Cross


Taken from Therese’s sketchbook


The Church at Ouilly-le-Vicomte sketched by Therese on April 12, 1887


Painted stole by St. Therese.

123 drawing-from-Thereses-sketchbook

A drawing from Therese’s sketchbook


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