Help me lower my debt so I can enter Carmel! See my Ebay auctions:

ebay selling list

I am selling items on Ebay to raise money for my debt so I can enter Carmel.  My name on Ebay is “carmel-bound”. I have these that I listed today.  I will be adding more things – Catholic/religious, some not.  Clicking on the picture of my ebay listings will enlarge it so reading the items is easier. Thanks for looking!

For any who might notice, as one reader did, my debt has gone back up by about $2,500.  It was $1,700, which was airfare and travelling expenses when I posted this a while back but now( I hope the airfare will be dropping as summer is winding down!) it has gone up as a benefactor who was going to donate this above amount came into terrible financial straits relating to their job so is unable to pay it.  I didn’t want to post any of this even slightly private info so I hadn’t.  But with their permission for this much they felt I should post this.

Please pray for this person’s situation that God will resolve it and that He Himself, or through other benefactors, help me resolve MY situation so I can finally enter Carmel!  God bless all my readers, you are all in my prayers.


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