Words of Wisdom – St Therese of Lisieux

BEST painting of St. Therese

‘What a mystery indeed! The creator of the universe awaits my prayer to save a multitude of souls’


‘Come Lord dwell in me Your beauty wins my heart Change me into yourself.’


‘We cannot have too much confidence in the good God – he is so mighty and so merciful.’


‘I have always remained little having no other occupation but to gather flowers the flowers of love and sacrifice.’


‘I feel my mission is about to begin my mission of making God loved as I love Him and teaching my way to others.’


‘No need to grow up but rather to remain little & become so more and more.’


‘Jesus has no need of books or teachers to instruct us: He the teacher of teachers instructs us without the noise of words.’


therese 10

‘Show me the secrets hidden in the Gospel. For in this Golden book is my greatest treasure.’


‘It is much better to talk to God than to talk about him.’


‘My way is all trust and love. I don’t understand those who fear so tender a Friend.’


‘I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses.’


‘Lord. what is the truth? Let me see things as they are. let me never be deceived.’


‘At last I have found my vocation …. My vocation is love.’


‘You know that our Lord does not look at the greatness or difficulty of our action, but at the love with which you do it. What, then, have you to fear?’


therese 1

‘Prayer is a cry of gratitude and love, in the midst of trial as well as in joy.’


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