Thoughts of Bl Mary of Jesus Crucified OCD


(From the English translation of the book Pensees de Marie de Jesus Crucifie by Fr Denis Buzy, CSJ)

It is pleasant to hear Jesus spoken of, but more pleasant to hear Jesus speak.
It is pleasant to think of Jesus, but more pleasant to possess Him.

It is pleasant to listen to the words of Jesus, but more pleasant to do His will.


The soul that hopes in God will be changed by His mercy into a beautiful diamond.


Where there is charity, there is God.  If you are attentive about doing good to your brother, God will be attentive about you.  If you dig a hole for your brother, you will be digging it for yourself; it is you yourself who will fall into it.  But if you make heaven for your brother, you will be making it for yourself.


Instead of trying to reopen a wound and pouring in vinegar, you should on the contrary try to soothe it and close it with the oil of charity, and then repair your neighbour’s fault by your own greater love and fidelity to the Lord.


Love one another.  Do not nurse bitter feelings.


Love is the only thing that can fill the heart of man.


Far better is it to have only a little suffering, humiliation, privation, by the will of God, than to have much by one’s own will.  THe essential is to accept with love all it pleases God to send, with complete conformity to His Will, always and in everything.


When a struggle comes upon you, kneel down and thank God for it, thank Him for making you suffer.  Keep your heart raised up to Him, and pray only that He may not allow you to offend Him.


God allows temptation for the sole purpose of letting us grow.  Let us run all the more towards God, the more tried we are.


Each time you wound charity, you wound Jesus who is charity itself.


The day of suffering is the day of the Lord.


God is ready to pardon a sinner who humbles himself.  He looks with more love on a soul who returns to Him in Humility, than on a faithful soul who finds pleasure in its virtues.


The humble heart is the chalice holding God.


Those who accept affronts prepare diamonds for the drown.  In hell there are all kinds of virtues, but no humility; in heaven all kinds of faults, but no pride.


Always remember: if Jesus forsook me I should be worse than Judas, but if Jesus protects me, I shall be John the Beloved.


Do not look at the neighbour without looking at the Lord, or you will fall into a very deep hole.


It is not sufficient to love.  It must be completed by working.  Loving is the seed; working is the germination, growth and fructifying of the seed.


Pay attention to small things.  Everything is great in God’s eyes.  He does not want to see rapine in the holocaut.  Give Him everything.


Make good use of time.  Everything on earth passes, and time is so short.  Practise perfection.  Produce fruits for Jesus.


If you are looking for rest, you must first work.  If you are looking for happiness, you must suffer.


There is a joy to be found in suffering when one thinks of eternal happiness.


Once you have given God something, you must never take it back.


The Lord has showen me everything.  I have seen the Dove of Fire.  Turn to the Dove of Fire, to the Holy Spirit, source of all good.


Everyone, in the world, or in religion, who has devotion to the Holy Spirit and who invokes Him, will not die in error.  The custom must be introduced all through the Church that every priest say a Mass of the Holy Spirit once a month.  All those asssting at it will receive very special grace and light.


I am a daughter of Holy Church, my Mother.  How I wish to give my blook for the Church!  I offer everything for her, for the unity, for the triumph of the Church.


I should like to have lips the purest to pronounce the name of Mary, and a pen of gold to write it.


How pleasing the faith of Our Lady was to the Heavenly Father!  It was her faith that made Jesus grow more and more each day in her.  If we have such faith it will make Jesus grow in our hearts.


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