Carmelite Saints Writings – The Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary

Quotes from the Carmelite Saints on Our Lady



St Edith Stein

“Mary was born after the life of grace, having given all her heart and soul, to be the Mother of God. From this comes a close union between her and us, she loves us, guides us, and is ever willing to give us what we should be. “


“The title of Mary as our mother is not merely symbolic.  Mary is our mother in the most real and lofty sense, a sense which surpasses that of earthly maternity.  She begot our life of grace for us because she offered up her entire being, body and soul, as the Mother of God.  That is why an intimate bond exists between Mary & ourselves.  She loves us, she knows us, she exerts herself to bring each one of us into the closest possible relationship with the Lord – that which we are above all supposed to be.”

“..just as grace cannot achieve its work in souls unless they open themselves to it in free decision, so also Mary cannot function fully as a mother if people do not entrust themselves to her.”

“She herself can form in her own image those who belong to her.”

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)



“If some disturbance overtakes me, some embarrassment, I turn very quickly to the Blessed Virgin and as the most tender of mothers she always takes care of my interests.”



St Therese

“O Mary, if I were Queen of Heaven and you were Therese, I would want to be Therese so that you might be Queen of Heaven!”

Oh! I love you, Mary, saying you are the servant of the God whom you charm with your humility.  This hidden virtue makes you all-powerful.  It attracts the Holy Trinity into your heart.”

“There’s room for the great ones, and it’s in a stable the Queen of Heaven must give birth to a God.  O my dearest Mother, how lovable I find you, how great I find you in such a poor place!”

St Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (Lisieux)





St Teresa of Avila

“When my mother died.. I went, afflicted, before an image of our Lady and besought her with many tears to be my mother.”

“May it please the Lord that all be to His glory and praise and to that of the glorious Virgin Mary, whose habit we wear, Amen.”

“I was helped in having a deeper desire to undergo difficult trials, and I was left with a longing to serve our Lady since she deserved this so much.”

“I understood that I had a great obligation to serve our Lady and St Joseph; for often when I went off the path completely, God gave me salvation again through their prayers.”

“On the feast of the Nativity of our Lady I feel special joy.  When this day comes, I think it’s good to renew my vows.  And once while I was about to do so, the Blessed Virgin, our Lady,appeared to me through an illuminative vision; and it seems to me I renewed them in her hands and that they were pleasing to her.  This vision remained with me for some days, as though whe were next to me at my left.”

St Teresa of Jesus (Avila)




st john of the cross

St John of the Cross

“The Virgin weighed with the Word of God, comes down the road; if only you’ll shelter her.”

“Jesus and Mary be in your souls.”

“Entrust all to God, and take Our Lady and St Joseph as your advocates.”

St John of the Cross





Bl Mary of Jesus Crucified

“I should like to have lips the purest to pronounce the name of Mary, and a pen of gold to write it.”

“How pleasing the faith of Our Lady was to the Heavenly Father!  It was her faith that made Jesus grow more and more each day in her.  If we have such faith it will make Jesus grow in our hearts.”

Bl Mary of Jesus Crucified (The Little Arab) 




bl elizabeth of the trinity

Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity

“Whenever I feel any pain, I rejoice and say to myself, ‘Mary has heard my prayer; yes, yes, she will do it; I expect a miracle.”

“Mother of God, tell me your mystery;
of how your earthly life was spent:
the way, right from the time of ‘Fiat – how you’d be
buried in adoration, Mary!
Say how – in a peace, a silence – you could enter in
to deeps that none but you could do –
bearing the gift of God within.
Secure in God’s embrace keep me I ask.
In me his imprint may He place –
For wholly love is he.”

Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity


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