July 20th Feast of St. Elijah – Homily: Elijah Prophet of Fire

Fr. Elias give the homily for the Feast day of St. Elias as he is called in Latin or in Hebrew Elijah, the prophet of the Old Testament. He explains the roles of the prophets. He was called the prophet of fire because he called down fire from heaven multiple times. Elijah is actually means a very short Creed in that it means “Yahweh is God” which is fitting for his mission which was to turn the Israelite from false Gods, the Baals. He says that today we need him again since the Baals have returned in form of Foot-Baal, Basket-Baal and even goof-baal, in that we worship ourselves. He finally associates Elijah with the End times in that he is taken to heaven on a fiery chariot near the valley of Armageddon whee the final battle between good and evil will take place and will come to an end with fire coming down to consume the army of the anti-Christ.


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