My update on entering Carmel

Carmel of Sheffield, UK aerial

Above, my future home – the Carmel of the Holy Spirit, Sheffield, Kirk Edge, England

It’s been awhile since I did an update to my entrance into Carmel.  It seems that after the sale of my car, I should have my debt paid off or very close to it.  What “debt” remains now is the airfare to the Carmel of the Holy Spirit in Sheffield, England which is around $1,6-700 give or take the typical insane fluctuations of the airlines’ fares!  I’m hoping to get a cheaper one but most are about the $1600+ mark.  I just hope that when I book (and I pray it is soon!), it won’t be more than this.

I thank all who have donated in the past and I pray God inspires more to help me to enter Carmel.  All who read this blog and to those who donated to help me, have my deep, sincere thanks and appreciation and gratitude and you will have a Carmelite praying for you and your family and intentions forever!

For those so inspired to help me, there is a Donation button on the top right in the side bar.  God bless and thank you all.




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