A Young St. Maravillas of Jesus – my religious name patron

St Maravillas as young girl with sheep

St. Maravillas as a young girl.

The Carmel of Sheffield is one of the Carmels (and orders) who give you your name BEFORE you enter as a postulant.  Other Carmels (and orders) give you your name when you are Clothed in the holy habit.

My name is to be, Sr. Mary Maravillas of Jesus and the Holy Face.  So you will see many pictures of St. Maravillas on my blog, including the one to the right where she is the shorter nun on the left speaking with one of her nuns at the founding of one of her Carmels in Spain.

The quote that is in the above picture I had to translate with an online translator so it doesn’t sound quite right!  If anyone can give a better translation, please let me know!  I just didn’t want to try and “fix” it and lose the meaning and essence of St. Maravillas’ words!  It translator says it means:

“Feed my sheep.” When you think that the Lord entrust us with their souls, which He has his indulgences, so that we help serve and love …!

– St. Maravillas of Jesus


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