The Great Puddle of Galilee

The story below is from a “Margaret Nocks” Facebook page, a member of a Poor Clare Colettine community:


st jpoe jesus

Happy Father’s Day to all our Dad’s, especially to those here on Facebook:  Gary Voight and Ron Didier!   It is my pleasure to share the following story written by Dad Didier’s special daughter and Poor Clare Postulant Mary:

The Great Puddle of Galilee

 It was a bright and clear midsummer’s morning when Joseph stepped out of his carpentry workshop. He leaned against the frame of the door; a light and pleasurable smile seemed to augment his face as he watched his wife tending the gardens and his little son playing in the sand from afar. He fixed his eyes on the child, squinting slightly to see what the lad could be doing. When his curiosity intensified, he finally resolved to leave the comfortably shaded lintel frame and walk out to discover the reason behind the child’s amusement.

His wife looked up as he came her way, her rosy face questioning him as he put a finger to his mouth and then pointed towards her son. She silently turned towards the object of his attention and then turned back to give him his favorite illuminating smile that always reached her eyes. He smiled back and then continued on his way as she continued happily on with her work.

When Joseph drew nearer, he saw the child drag a bucket full of water and empty it out into His freshly made hole.

“What are you working on, son?” He asked as he came to his knees and peered into the water just as the child was placing a small boat, made with leaves and twigs,into His newly made puddle.

“It is the Sea of Galilee and this,” He pushed the tiny makeshift boat, “is the boat my twelve fishermen will use.”

Joseph smiled; he was used to his son’s peculiar speeches, and tapped the “boat” with his callused finger.

“I am afraid, son, your boat will not be able to stand the storms that will pursue it. Especially with twelve men on this little thing … ”  Joseph’s voice died out as he became enlightened by an idea. “Come!” He scooped up the child and tossed Him onto his shoulders while the boy laughed with anticipation. “I will take you to my workshop and finally start teaching you our trade. And your first lesson, Jesus, will be how to make a toy boat.”


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