“The Carmelites” video documentary

Below is a link to a wonderful 25 min documentary on the Carmelites of Christchurch in New Zealand (http://www.christchurchcarmel.org.nz/).  It was filmed in 1969.  Below is the synopsis from the site and the link to the video is below.  After the video, click on the picture that says “Credits” to the right of the video to see the remaining 1:11 minutes with a nun speaking and it shows 2 nuns walking the interviewer to the front gate.  Notice the larger veils worn over the smaller ones that Carmelites (and some other orders like Poor Clare Colettines) wore to cover their habit and more importantly their faces.  Just before the gate is opened, the nuns pull down the veil over their faces so as not to be seen by anyone passing by on the road.

The picture below is a screen shot from this site of a scene from the movie – the nuns in choir at prayer.  To watch the movie, click the LINK, not this photo.


“This NZBC religious programme goes where TV cameras had never gone before: behind the walls of the Carmelite monastery in Christchurch. There, it finds a community of 16 Catholic nuns, members of a 400-year-old order, who have shut themselves off from the outside world to lead lives devoted to prayer, contemplation and simple manual work. Despite their seclusion, the sisters are unphased by the intrusion and happy to discuss their lives and their beliefs; while the simplicity and ceremony of their world provides fertile ground for the monochrome camera work.”

Click this link to watch the video:   “The Carmelites” – 25 minute documentary


As a side note of interest, in the video the interviewer speaks for a bit with a nun who is milking a cow.  This nun is (or was) Prioress of this Carmel and was featured in two videos with 2 other nuns the past few years that has been on YouTube called “Silence is Golden” – she is the older nun in the center:

“Silence is Golden” Part 1

Silence is Golden” Part 2


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