Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity, “I Closed My Eyes”

“Abandonment- that is what surrenders us to God. I am quite young, but it seems to me that I have suffered much sometimes. Oh, then, when everything was dark, when the present was so painful and the future seemed even more gloomy to me, I closed my eyes and abandoned myself like a child in the arms of this Heavenly Father… We look at ourselves too much, we want to see and understand, we do not have enough confidence in Him who envelops us in His love. We must not stop before the cross and regard it in itself, but recollecting ourselves in the light of faith, we must rise higher and think that it is the instrument which is obeying divine Love. “One thing alone is necessary; Mary has chosen the better part which shall not be taken from her.” This better part, which seems to be my privilege in my beloved solitude of Carmel, is offered by God to every baptized soul. He offers it to you… in the midst of your
cares and .. concerns. Believe that His whole desire is to lead you ever deeper into Himself. Surrender yourself and all your preoccupations to Him…”

Blessed Elizabeth
July 25, 1902 (letter 129)


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