St. Teresa of Avila quote from “Interior Castle”

st john and st t of a

St. Teresa of Avila speaking to St. John of the Cross in the parlor.

“Let us suppose that God is like an immense and beautiful dwelling or palace and that this palace, as I say, is God Himself. Could the sinner, perhaps, so as to engage in his evil deeds leave this palace? No, certainly not; rather, within the palace itself, that is within God Himself, the evil deeds committed by us sinners take place. Oh, frightful thought, worthy of deep reflection, and very beneficial for those of us who know so little. Let us consider brothers and sisters the great mercy and compassion of God, and be extremely thankful to Him. The greatest evil of the world, is that God,our creator, suffers so many evil things from His creatures within His very self.

– from St. Teresa of Avila’s “INTERIOR CASTLE”,  point 3


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