Mother Mary of Jesus, Carmelite foundress – More Quotes

Mother Mary of Jesus, beloved-mother

“God is Truth itself, the Truth for which the soul thirsts, the truth for which she was made.”

“Mary has, above all, the gift and power to smooth difficulties, to remove them, for the soul who allows to guide it.”

“Happy the souls who allow the Holy Spirit to touch them, the flame of God who is love itself.”

“If our soul knows how to give itself to God, it will be truly free.”

“In suffering, Jesus is there. When He is veiled, he is still there, upholding us, watching over us and loving us.”

“Whoever loves Mary imitates her, and makes of Jesus the only contemplation of her glance.”

“In trial and storm, Mary holds the vessel of our soul firm and calm.”

“Our soul has need of love and has need to love.”

“God loves us and everywhere we see his love touching us, enriching us, attracting us.”

“Humility is for Mary, the beginning, the foundation of every grace.”

“It is God who awaits us in prayer, in solitude, in silence and joy.”

“Let us be in the hands of God at the dawn as at the close of life, in consolation as in suffering.”

“Where shall we find our happiness if not in the very essence of eternal love living in the Holy Trinity.”


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