Update to my debt so I can enter Carmel

Carmel of Sheffield, UK aerial

My Carmel, Carmel of Holy Spirit, Kirk Edge, Sheffield, UK

My debt is down to $2,000 and after this amount is gone I am Carmel bound!  Please pray God will send this amount through someone, somewhere, somehow!  I am hoping and praying I could enter sometime in April, after Easter, but this remaining debt is the barrier to the enclosure doors of Carmel opening to me!

Anyone who can help or knows of people who can, please do so and use the donate button on the top right of this blog.  I trust in Divine Providence, Our Lady and St. Joseph to free me of this debt so I can finally go to where God has called me for so long!  As St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross has said, “It always seemed to me that our Lord was keeping something for me in Carmel that I could find only there.”, I, too, feel the same and have for all my life it seems.  God doesn’t give us desires that He leaves unfulfilled so I will be in Carmel soon but how soon depends on God and who He works with to inspire to help me!

Please, anyone who can help me please do but also help others like Dyna who has gotten a grant from Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations and now only needs a little over $3,ooo for health insurance while she is a postulant in her order.  Her blog with her happy announcement is at http://dynasvocation.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/its-officially-official/ – with the great news of her grant and pending entrance.  Mater Ecclesiae is a great organization but they work only with student loans so they can’t help me.  See the other discerners I have listed on my blog to the right side bar as they, as do many others, need help.

God bless you all.  All my readers are in my prayers now and will be when I enter Carmel.

nuns in choir to see St. Therese's relics

Nuns of my Carmel at their choir grille at the visit when St. Therese’s relics visited them.


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