Photos of St. Maravillas of Jesus

St. Maravillas of Jesus is my patron and namesake in Carmel (and now!) as I will have her name when I enter Carmel:  Sr. Mary Maravillas of Jesus and the Holy Face.


St. Maravillas is on the left side holding the book – which I THINK is her Divine Office book that she carried with her very often.

Mother Maravillas and Sister Dolores de Jesús seeing the land for the founding of Duruelo – Duruelo is the land and monastery that St. John of the Cross lived in for years and St. Maravillas wanted to reclaim this land/monastery as well as others and bring them back into Carmel as monasteries as nuns or friars.  This one in Duruelo became a monastery of nuns.

Madre Maravillas-Padre Valentín en Duruelo

Padre Valentine with (Saint) Madre Maravillas in the first visit to Duruelo monastery on 25th June 1941.

St. Maravillas of Jesus was canonized by Bl. John Paull II.


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