St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross speaks of the Cross

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“Stand before the Lord Who hangs from the cross with
His heart torn open. He poured out the blood of His heart
in order to win your heart. In order to follow Him in holy
chastity, your heart must be free from every earthly
aspiration. Jesus Crucified must be the object of your every
longing, of your every desire, of your every thought.

The world is in flames: the fire can spread even to our
house, but above all the flames the cross stands on high,
and it cannot be burnt. The cross is the way which leads
from earth to heaven. Those who embrace it with faith,
love, and hope are taken up, right into the heart of the

The world is in flames: do you wish to put them out?
Contemplate the cross: from His open heart the blood of the
Redeemer pours, blood which can put out even the flames
of hell. Through the faithful observance of the vows you
make your heart free and open; and then the floods of that
divine love will be able to flow into it, making it overflow
and bear fruit to the furthest reaches of the earth.

Through the power of the cross you can be present
wherever there is pain, carried there by your compassionate
charity, by that very charity, which you draw from the
divine heart. That charity enables you to spread every-
where the most precious blood in order to ease pain, save
and redeem.

The eyes of the Crucified gaze upon you. They question
you and appeal to you. Do you wish seriously to renew
your alliance with Him What will your response be?
“Lord, where shall I go? You alone have the words of life.”
Ave Crux, spes unica!”

– St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross


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