From the Spiritual writings of St. Teresa of Jesus, of the Andes

St. Teresa of the Andes

Jesus alone is beautiful; He is my only joy.  I call for Him, I cry after
Him, I search for Him within my heart.  I long for Jesus to grind me
interiorly so that I may become a pure host where He can find His rest.  I
want to be athrist with love so that other souls may possess this love.  I
would die to creatures and to myself, so that He may live in me.

Is there anything good, beautiful or true that we can think of that would
not be in Jesus?  Wisdom, from which nothing would be secret.  Power, for
which nothing would be impossible.  Justice, which made Him take on flesh in
order to make satisfaction for sin.  Providence, which always watches over
and sustains us.  Mercy, which never ceases to pardon.  Goodness, which
forgets the offenses of His creatures.  Love, which unites all the
tendernesses of a mother, of a brother, of a spouse, and which, drawing Him
out of the abyss of His greatness, binds Him closely to His creatures.
Beauty which enraptures…what can you think of that would not be found in
this Man-God?

Are you perhaps afraid that the abyss of the greatness of God and that of
your nothingness cannot be united?
There is love in Him.  His passionate love made Him take flesh in order that
by seeing a Man-God, we would not be afraid to draw near Him.  This
passionate love made Him become bread in order to assimilate our nothingness
and make it disappear into His infinite being.  This passionate love made
Him give His life by dying on the cross.

Are you perhaps afraid to draw near Him?  Look at Him, surrounded by little
children.  He caresses them, He presses them to His heart.  Look at Him in
the midst of His faithful flock, bearing the faithless lamb on His
shoulders.  Look at Him at the tomb of Lazarus.  And listen to what He says
of the Magdalene:  “Much has been forgiven her, because she has loved much.”
What do you discover in these flashes from the Gospel except a heart that is
good, gentle, tender, compassionate; in other words, the heart of a God?

He is my unending wealth, my bliss, my heaven.



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2 responses to “From the Spiritual writings of St. Teresa of Jesus, of the Andes

  1. I found your blog through the Dallas Catholic blog on Pinterest. I cannot assist financially at this time but know you are in my prayers. Beautiful blog!

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