Blessed Anne of St. Bartholomew Chapter VI

bl ann of st barth

 It is not because I am good that our Lord granted me these favors, but that His goodness might be made manifest.  Although I was so unworthy of grace, this Adorable Master sought me out that even when I was least occupied with the thought of Him, in order that I might not be lost, and that His kindness might cause admiration.  I performed labors with great consolation, when obedience ordained them.  I had no merit in this; without thinking of the wickedness which must be in me and the numerous faults which escaped my attention, I found consolation in these labors, and it seemed to me I did all for the love of God.  As my Adorable Master saw this, and because He loved me, He took care to send me certain trials, that I might see my self-love, and in order to temper my ardor…

One time I was seated near the door, as I was portress.  I was feeling somewhat hurt, as it seemed to me the older Sisters were not satisfied that the Prioress had placed me at the Turn, because I was still young, and I thought that they were right under the present circumstances.  In this mood I saw in spirit our Lord showing me a withered rosebush in the courtyard, all covered with red and white roses; as it was dried up and it was not the season of roses, the Divine Master said to me:  ”these roses cannot be gathered without encountering the thorns.”  He wished to make me understand, by that, that it is by suffering and contradictions that virtue is acquired.

I will say here, for the glory of our Lord, that He always gave me consolations when I did good to my neighbor, when the occasion presented itself, and when I aided them in their need.  I inconvenienced myself, it is true, on these occasions, but I found instead of an inconvenience it was a real consolation.  It is to the good Master I owe it, and it has remained so with me until this day.  May His holy Name be blessed!”


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