My Entrance to Carmel – Update

deer running waters Lord

Advent – 3rd Day

“As the deer longs for the source
of living water.
So to you, Lord, I fly and I’m coming.”

Yes, I’m coming to Carmel!  Please God, soon!  It is coming closer it seems but there is still the debt obstacle.   My house is sold and the closing is done.  After property taxes, closing costs, etc, I was left with $2,000.  I still have to sell my car and I pray to get anywhere from $1,700 to $2,000 – but I will probably get closer to the $1,700.   That leaves my debt balance at $3,800 – IF my car sells for $1,7000!

I have been job hunting after being laid off a few months ago but it is not looking good – long story for here.  I am praying “Santa” will bring me the difference in my stocking for Christmas!

But if there are any “Santas” or his helpers or better yet “Angels” of God who can help me I would be beyond grateful and appreciative!  Unfortunately, I am down to only a few things to sell on ebay left and they will not garner me $3,800!

I implore everyone’s prayers and financial help for those who can.  God bless and I pray all have a blessed and fruitful Advent season!


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