Selling Items on Ebay to Reduce My Vocation Debt

I am selling various things – some religious, some not – on Ebay.  Some are mine and some friends and family donated for me to sell to try to raise money to pay off my debt.  I have some things now and should be adding more.

Please visit my ebay page of listed items: – if this link doesn’t work after you paste it into your browser, my Ebay member name is “carmel-bound“.

Thanks for looking.  Even if you don’t see anything you want, please pass my list of items to another!

Some religious items I am selling are:

“Behind the Wall” – the history of the Visitation nuns of Mobile, AL – tons of black and white photos.

“The Dominican Nuns in Their Cloister” translated from the French by the Dominican nuns of Menlo Park, CA.  A rare book to find and when you do, it has sold for well over $50 and as high as $200.

2 fantastic books on the Foundress of the Tyburn Nuns in London, UK: “Tyburn Hill of Glory” (rare edition that has several photos, more common editions have no photos) and “A Sacrifice of Praise” by Dom Bede Camm, from the Benedictine Abbey of St. Michael, Farnborough, UK – Dom Bede knew Mother Mary of St. Peter, foundress of Tyburn Convent – he was her friend, spiritual director, confidant and confessor.  This book has 8 pages of b&w and color photos.

A Christmas CD by the Visitation nuns of Tyringham, MA.  A CD 2 disc set.  Beautiful hymns sang by the nuns and the nuns play the instruments and have several tracks of the nuns reading passages from the Bible relating to Christmas.   Made in 2005 and haven’t sold since – was hard to find when I bought this a few years ago.

“Holiness In Everyday Life: The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales with Ralph Martin” – talks Ralph Martin gave at a parish recorded onto 5 CDs.  St. Francis de Sales’ teachings, writings and spirituality.



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