Update on my Road to Carmel – Urgent Appeal!!!

(Public chapel of the Carmel in Kirk Edge, nun’s choir grille on the left side.)

When will I not only see but be IN the nun’s side of this this chapel and be behind the grille!  Soon, please God!
I have wonderful, happy and ecstatic news on one hand and then aggravating, frustrating and distressing news on the other!  The great news is that I signed a contract for the sale of my house and property with the buyer yesterday so the house is sold and I believe as he signed the contract, the buyer can’t back out now.  So that is great news I have been waiting to hear for so many long years!  I thank Our Lord and Lady for this and the saints who assisted me also.
But the aggravating news is that I still have this debt to pay off (and the airfare to England) to pay off.  Now I hear that I may have to pay the property taxes on this property but I’m not sure.  As we were only getting a few thousand extra out of the house sale, I don’t know how much will be eaten up by our share of the closing costs I have to pay and then the property taxes if I have to.  So I am trying to sell things including my car at the end, etc to raise the money for this debt.  I need about $7,000 for the debt and then air fare.  I am still looking for a temporary job (as I was laid off a little while ago) but no luck so far.  I have to be out of the house in 3-4 weeks or less and will stay with my parents but I don’t want to be a burden on them as they are retired.
It is so aggravating and frustrating as, for up until recently, the ONLY thing I had to pay off or sell in order to enter Carmel was this house! and now that it’s gone I have this other debt that cropped up unexpectedly.
So I am starting a novena that Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her sisters used to pray when she needed help fast – she would pray Our Lady’s Memorare prayer 9 times in a row or as long as needed.  I am praying the Memorare as well as St. Joseph’s Memorare 9 times in a row every hour as well as praying the Novena to the Infant of Prague once every hour for 9 hours for their fast help in a money windfall!  Please pray with me that Jesus, Our Lady and St. Joseph aids me quickly!
It seems I am so close yet so far!  I need a heavenly or earthly benefactor!  Anyone who has asked for donations so they can enter a religious order (and there are many), knows how hard it is to ask, beg for this help!  It is a practice in humility.  One always feels embarrassed to ask for help but doing so and begging is part of our catholic history for the saints (no I am not a saint…yet!) and others looking to enter religious life who needed financial assistance.
One was Sr. Mary of St. Peter, above, a Carmelite who longed to enter Carmel but had to wait a while as she did not have the dowry money, that orders asked for in those days, until much prayer and asking others to help, finally found a priest of some sort that had money from his family or something who paid the dowry for her so she could enter.  Jesus gave to Sr. Mary of St. Peter, the revelations of the Holy Face and the Golden Arrow Prayer for blasphemies against the Holy Name.
Sadly, I am not like many saints who had money and just had to give it away like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi and others.  If only I had that problem!
Well, dear readers, if you could pray for me and help me with this debt or know anyone who can, you will have your own personal Carmelite praying, interceding, sacrificing, doing penance for you and your family during her stay on earth and, please God!, in heaven!
Thank you all for listening, well reading really!  God bless you all.

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