Regarding Entrance Date to Carmel

This is sort of a “2nd update”!

Many suggest that maybe I should post an entrance date and that will garner more benefactors and more donations.  Perhaps, but I was given an entrance date early this year and had to cancel it as the first house buyer I had then backed out (AND back then I didn’t know of this recent debt that would pop up!) so my future community suggested that as I have been waiting to enter Carmel for so long and that the house was still around my neck that I have an “open date” – unusual, yes – meaning that I will enter right away when I am free and the second I can buy a plane ticket!

Or we could pick one when I am debt free and know a date when I’d have the airfare money.  But either way, it depends on my being debt free.  Yes, it would be so great to enter on saint’s day, a feast day of Our Lady, etc. but I will take a plain, old, nothing day at this rate!

Of course, there is my Patron Saint to be – the saint’s name I have in the Carmel of Kirk Edge that I was already given, Sr. Mary Maravillas of Jesus and the Holy Face – St. Maravillas of Jesus, her feast day is December 11th, so unless THAT is to be my entrance date, I don’t have one!  But to have one on her day is great and would be wonderful, but all is in God’s hands.

(St. Maravillas of Jesus)


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