Demonstration of why you should not receive Communion in the hand

From the video:  “Please, reconsider continuing to receive the Communion in the hand. These images demonstrate the sacrilegious and desecrating effect of receiving the Communion in the hand. All these fragments in this test were only bread (unconsecrated, of course), but when this occurs in the Mass, everyone of these particles is then Jesus Christ in Person, as is taught by the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church. There is no need to say that the hundreds of particles of consecrated bread that stay in the hands of the communicants, they all end falling to the floor where they are trampled and desecrated. And in them Jesus relives the same passion He suffered in the courtyard of Pilate, but this time in the courtyard of his own church …”


Never mind the fact that this is the Body and Blood of Christ, God Himself! and we are mere nothings!  I would never touch His holy, precious Body and Blood with my hands!  I have always received on the tongue.  If the Pope has stopped giving in the hand (I remember reading where Pope John Paul didn’t give in the hand either), who am I to think I know more than the Pope!  Or am so special that I can disregard the Pope’s example and still receive in the hand.



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