St. Teresa Margaret, Carmelite – Feast Day September 1st

‘From myself, nothing; from God, everything … the smaller and weaker I am in myself, the richer and stronger I shall be in Him … He shall be the more glorious in His mercy as I am more despicable in my sins and nothingness.’” (St Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart)

Read a great book on her life, “God Is Love” by Margaret Rowe – available at Sisters of Carmel online bookstore for $13.95 (, they also have other books on St. Teresa Margaret also.  It is also available on Amazon but it is more expensive, $31.96 – or $12-13 for Kindle.

“God is Love”
Saint Teresa Margaret: Her Life
by Margaret Rowe
288 pp. paperbackAnna Maria Redi was born into a large devout family in Arezzo, Italy in 1747. From the earliest days of her childhood, she was filled with a deep love of God and asked the adults around her “Who is God?” Dissatisfied with the answers given her, she felt that the contemplative life of a Carmelite alone could begin to quench her thirst to know and give herself completely to God. Her life flowed from a constant desire to “return love for love.” Reflecting on her death at twenty-two, her spiritual director remarked, “She could not have lived very much longer, so great was the strength of God’s love within her.” She combined Martha and Mary; amidst the duties of community infirmarian, she still reached the heights of contemplation. This biography, long out of print, is sure to renew and inspire.

At this site,, you can print out a prayer card with a picture and prayer of her.  This is the card’s picture and prayer:


O seraphic Saint Teresa Margaret,
you consumed your earthly life so quickly experiencing that God is Charity
and that the Sacred Heart of Jesus
is an ardent furnace of love,
obtain for us to be inflamed like you,
by a fervent, generous and holy life.
O Angel of Carmel,
intercede for us
so that your virtues of humility and innocence, penance and charity, with which
you offered yourself virginally to the Lord,
may be ours too,
so that our life may be totally consecrated
to the perfect service of God.

This site,, has many pictures of her incorrupt body and her shrine – chapel, etc.  Beautiful photos.  Here is her incorrupt body:



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