“Jesus is on the Floor” – beautiful video for receiving Jesus on the tongue

A beautiful video about receiving Our Lord on the tongue – and makes the just another case against taking Communion in the hand.  Plus, an added bonus!  There is a little girl and a woman both wearing mantillas!  Yay!  I wear a long black mantilla every time I am in a church or chapel.  There are several others in my parish who do also.

Makes you wonder how often Our Lord DOES end up on the floor by people who either don’t know to check or care.  I don’t receive in the hand ever.   I think this practice of receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ in the hand that should be banned, changed.  This is not a situation for “personal choice”.



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2 responses to ““Jesus is on the Floor” – beautiful video for receiving Jesus on the tongue

  1. I receive on the tongue and yesterday almost had the Eucharist be dropped on the floor, thankfully my veil caught it before it fell. Just saying receiving on the tongue isn’t fool-proof either.

    • Wonderful to hear you receive on the tongue but there is really no good reason to receive in the hand. You are right, the host can be dropped while being put on the tongue but in this case as the priest is during it, he is there to correct the situation – pick up Our Lord, check for crumbs, etc. while the in-the-hand way, any crumbs could be dropped anywhere along the way back to the person’s pew seat.

      But most important to me is that I am NOT worthy to hold God in my hand! Even as a young person when they changed to this awful way to receive Our Lord, I knew it was wrong and that there was NO way my hands should or would touch God! It was for the priest alone. It is humbling enough of Our Lord to allow Himself to be laid on our tongues and then go through our bodies!

      I also think – as do many popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious, lay people – receiving in the hand diminishes the meaning of what and who the host actually is. I remember people of all ages receiving more reverently when it was ONLY on the tongue and there were altar rails to kneel and receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Crucified Lord Jesus Christ. Now so many people barely cross themselves or if they do, many do it sloppily.

      The writings by those popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious can and have talked about this MUCH more proficient that I have here or could at all. Recently Cardinal Arinze spoke against receiving communion in the hand. Drats that I don’t have the link handy.

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