Some Sayings And Teachings Of Mother Mary Of Jesus

“It is worth every cost to be a Carmelite. We never can deserve it and will thank God for it for all eternity. Your struggles are treasures, your efforts victories, your sorrows channels of grace.” 

“The life of Carmel is endless joy, joy which nothing touches because nothing can reach it, and because God, Who is always the same, is its source… The life of Carmel is eternity begun.”

“I will be His alone!”

“When we surrender unreservedly to Him, we trust to Him all those we leave for His sake. Then, with all love, He accepts the responsibility; He watches over them Himself far better than our filial tenderness could ever have done.”

“It was magnificent!”, Mother Mary of Jesus used to say, her face aglow with enthusiasm, “you feel that God is here.” (in reference to her third foundation, the Carmel of Kirk Edge, Sheffield, UK)

“God will never fail you. From Him I expect all things.”

My God and my All! I love Thee, I trust Thee, I thank Thee; grant me all!”

O Mary, I trust thee!”

To trust God – all is there.”

If you think I am going to leave you because I go to God…!”

You are only looking at the suffering – look at God!”

My God, I give You all, I yield myself…but You still reject me. What will become of me? I give myself to You all the same.”



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