Why am I asking for donations?

Well, for many reasons.  The first being I want to follow God’s will for my life which is to be His bride as a Carmelite nun.  I have found my home in Carmel in the Carmel of the Holy Spirit, Kirk Edge, Sheffield in the UK.  Though I live in the great state of Texas, USA, God wants me in the Kirk Edge Carmel.  God calls to a particular order and a particular community within that order – you are only at home and at peace in one place. 

Second, the two popular (and maybe only?) foundations on the web, Laboure Society and the Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations ONLY take people with student loans and not someone long out of college that has life debt like a house, etc.  Sadly, while there should be a foundation for people like myself, there is not.  So myself and others like me have no other outside help.  Even, despite these two foundations, not all people with student loans are accepted.  There are many who apply for help and are turned down so they too must look for other help to pay off their debt.

I am not the first nor will be the last to have a blog or Facebook page asking for donations to help us fulfill God’s call.  Religious orders, with their vow of poverty, cannot take on a postulant’s or novice’s or even a Solemnly Professed nun’s debt.  Some student loan debts range from a smaller amount, say $5,000 to $50,000 or more. 

As others have had much success with this asking for donations – good to smash pride and build the virtue of humility! – I have decided to see if God will help me this way through others.  Yes, I have much trust and confidence in God, I do know that He helps and answers prayers through other people. 

Some quotes, while some are not exactly word-for-word, are what St. John of the Cross and St. Therese have said:

“One obtains from God as much as one hopes for.”

“Confidence, confidence without limits, full, filial, total, all-inclusive: that is what I must have.  It is this confidence which works all miracles.”

“The good God would not inspire unattainable desires.”

Jesus said to St. Margaret Mary:  “Do you believe that I can do it?  If you believe it, you will see the power of my Heart in the magnificence of my love.”


I am also paying off my debt what I can myself all along and at this time.  I have about $26,000 on a house mortgage to payoff and I believe I have a few buyers who will buy – real estate investors – but I also have $8,000 in separate debt to be paid off.  I MAY or MAY NOT get enough extra out of the house sale to pay this off because the house has been for sale for a long time and needs much done to it and though I am asking a bit more I may not get it and I do not want to lose these sellers by asking too high a price!

So any who feel God placing on their heart the urge to help me and other discerners whose links I have to the right, please do so!  As for myself, you will have so grateful a Carmelite nun whol will forever pray for you, your family and intentions while I live on this earth and – please God! – in heaven before the throne of God and Our Lady.

God bless,

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